Tuesday, 9 August 2011

If only people were to practice yoga from an early age..

If only I could have had the power to make all those riots drop down and give me downward facing dogs, upward facing dogs and bring that "banging" into chanting then none of this would have happened. If only people were to practice yoga from an early stage, peace and harmony would have been to everyone's life. I feel peaceful, and yes I do tend to increasing up the volume of my stereo and getting in tune on the latest track "Edge of glory", which frankly, I think my flatmate-to-be is not that in favour, and I do tend to "live" on the edge in my own way.. Waiting for the green light to cross the street is simply not my thing.. BUT I feel peaceful, I have my mind, body and soul in complete harmony, and whatever it is that I do, I don't bring chaos to other people, I don't cause a complete city to feel upset.

Had my first shift today at The Power Yoga Company, and I could see that everybody felt the same. People had taken an early day off, the phone kept ringing as people were anxious to find out if the studio were to cancel it's classes.. People were upset..

Although London city is full of young "stupidos", I felt great today, just by saying "No, we are running as normal" a part of me felt that I was giving harmony to people.. I can now imagine how yoga teachers feel when they are done with their classes, no wonder they are so harmoniously-smiley and peaceful. I love that.

It was hard for us to cancel that 20:30 class.. A lot of people, at least I do (is my favour hour to do a class at the power yoga studio), come to the class to relax just before they go back home.. The interior at that time is perfect.. The sunset mixes up with with the greenery of the back yard garden and the candle flames just seem to gaze on that natural piece of art and as you are lying on your mat with your eyes shut you actually feel that energy of the interior.

Any if, my dear riots, happen to read this blog, think twice before tearing down more of London, stop and think for a moment that you are not just breaking a few bricks here and there, you are messing up with people's life, and that is, my friend, unethical.