Tuesday, 9 August 2011

If only people were to practice yoga from an early age..

If only I could have had the power to make all those riots drop down and give me downward facing dogs, upward facing dogs and bring that "banging" into chanting then none of this would have happened. If only people were to practice yoga from an early stage, peace and harmony would have been to everyone's life. I feel peaceful, and yes I do tend to increasing up the volume of my stereo and getting in tune on the latest track "Edge of glory", which frankly, I think my flatmate-to-be is not that in favour, and I do tend to "live" on the edge in my own way.. Waiting for the green light to cross the street is simply not my thing.. BUT I feel peaceful, I have my mind, body and soul in complete harmony, and whatever it is that I do, I don't bring chaos to other people, I don't cause a complete city to feel upset.

Had my first shift today at The Power Yoga Company, and I could see that everybody felt the same. People had taken an early day off, the phone kept ringing as people were anxious to find out if the studio were to cancel it's classes.. People were upset..

Although London city is full of young "stupidos", I felt great today, just by saying "No, we are running as normal" a part of me felt that I was giving harmony to people.. I can now imagine how yoga teachers feel when they are done with their classes, no wonder they are so harmoniously-smiley and peaceful. I love that.

It was hard for us to cancel that 20:30 class.. A lot of people, at least I do (is my favour hour to do a class at the power yoga studio), come to the class to relax just before they go back home.. The interior at that time is perfect.. The sunset mixes up with with the greenery of the back yard garden and the candle flames just seem to gaze on that natural piece of art and as you are lying on your mat with your eyes shut you actually feel that energy of the interior.

Any if, my dear riots, happen to read this blog, think twice before tearing down more of London, stop and think for a moment that you are not just breaking a few bricks here and there, you are messing up with people's life, and that is, my friend, unethical.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

My Stalker

Hey babe, just want to wish u happy day for tomorrow x all the best and have a great day and I love u xxBillyxx

My #23 msg received from this Billy guy. Apparently I am in a relationship and I don't even know it yet. I get message saying goodmorning, have a nice day, I miss you, I love you.. and lately I have threatening messages of the form "I will see you later on..blablabla"

At first i though it was a prank! Exactly, like in high-school when we used to call up our friend's boyfriend-wannabes to check where they were, what they were doing. I know, you may thing that's a bit lame.. but hey, there was no Facebook then to stalk them up and I admit it, It was a bit fun.. somehow.. At least it was a teenage-cultural-thing to do: Innocent and sweet.

What is the problem with this world? It is not just my stalker, even the people I get to meet they are all weird. They prefer to socialise online. I can picture it right now.. Instead of dating someone.. you will end up dating his Facebook profile.. And cheatings will be of the form if someone dates your twitter profile. You could spend hours and hours tweeting and retweeting your sorrow and spreading the word to the world.. maybe this is why no one is the relationship type anymore.

And communication? Well, I lately seem to get serious messages in my Facebook inbox. In fact, I have received one today from my lovely flatmate, who apparently was waiting for the time to leave the flat to facebook me this really looooooooong message about flatmate issues!

I do it also sometimes.. I miss my friends and family so much but I feel that I do not have the time to communicate with them as much as I want to. I have been communicating with my mother through emails, I ask my friends news via facebook.. I mean I can just take the next plane and go visit.. I should go visit actually! Why not? Why can't I just find time to dedicate it to my friends.. and to me.. and even now, I'm dedicating time to blogger.com.. Well, that is because I have nothing else to do really and I always like typing my random thoughts.. it makes me sometime realise that they even more random that I thought.. Maybe I'm a stalker too.. stalking at my life through social media..

Nah! Definitely not a stalker! I love cooking and skyping at the same time at my friends to talk about my news; i check gym's schedule on my mobile device before hitting the gym; i choose to attend events on Facebook and call up my friend's to check if they are heating to the tube so I can start heating towards there too.. I don't stalk my life, I live my life..

And I believe that you, Mr.Stalker, if you are reading this blog right now you should be doing the same.. Additionally, I want to tell you that I do not love you, I do not even want to consider going out with you...unless.. unless you play squash!!! Yes exactly.. I need to train for my first squash game this weekend and could use some practise, anyway you are buying the court so don't feel bad if you are a bit rusty on the sport! I'm just giving you a chance here.. think about it!

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Power of Yoga

"The yoga we teach is not about learning to put your feet behind your ears".. It is not? then what am I supposed to be doing in a yoga class then? I always wanted a shot like that and it is difficult to accomplish it just by playing around in photoshop :( "It's about learning to love and look after the body you've been given"

I guess the latter seems far better than the first.. i mean.. If I don't love the body that I was given then how am I going to post the putting-my-leg-behind-my-ear picture on facebook?
I'm doing this as part of an interview for an online marketing internship. I know you may think "Yoga company" and marketing? em.. somebody has to bring all those yoga fanatics in don't you think ?

I don't know whether I'm going to be given the position, but I do know that it is going to be a great experience: The chance to have a glance of one of the most successful yoga companies in the UK, based in London, that promotes a way of life that helps a person to become calmer, healthier and happier. It's already working.. I'm smiling as I type!

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Examination Day 1 [English]

7:00.. Wow.. that's an early start! Well nothing goes wrong with waking up early right? I mean you can actually take your time, have breakfast and in case you have a 10:00 exam you can be there since 9:20!

I feel so great, I have set my goals into being there at 9:20 but waking up alone? with no alarm clock at 7? the odds were far better! brushing up... done, oyster card? check.. pencils? check... breakfast? not again.. all i do is eat breakfast.. in the morning.. in the break.. in lunch time.. I should find time to exercise? but can I? a university marathon only allows for mental training, assignment writing.. Well.. positive thinking, it only goes on for a week and then??? HAPPPY NEWWW YEAR!!!!

Ok.. enough about thinking, back to the goal! books? checked.. student ID card? em.. isn't the one that was lost in the "mugging situation"? Well.. yeah.. but I guess a newly printed passport should compensate for the student ID! Proof of ID? passport? checked...

Ready to go? Permission approved.. Ok, since I want to be there as early as possible I think I should take the tube? why not? it's only 4 stops away from Holborn, will take just 14minutes to go there and then i can grab some water and sweets from Saisburys and go to the examination room and socialize by the time they let as in..

Well.. I hoped! So i enter the tube, and just before Kings Cross... BLACK OUT! No lights, no tube running... and then this nice gentleman keep keeping as company every minute "There has been a person obstructing the cube in Picadilly Circus. Please remain calm, the operations will start running shortly".

Obstructing the tube? Was it actually talking to the tube while moving? Because you know.. that's offensive if you do that on the bus.. "Hey is it possible to let me know how many stops are untill Camden?" ... no answer.. "Excuse, could you be able to let me know roughly how many stops are left until camden?" ..no answer.. and then this nice female voice on the headphones "would the passengers be reguested to move back the bus".. Ok.. I haven't watched the sign.. maybe because it is not in CAPITAL LETTERS and in the bus drivers window.. but anyway, back to the original story..

This obstruction guy was a real pain.. i mean.. obstructing the tube for 20 minutes? was it like playing hide and sick in the tube with all those mices running around? he definately had lots of courage.. i mean the man faced the fear of dying out there and I was thinking about my own problems.. missing an exam that I have spend my new year celebration studying with? YES, of course I had to think my own problems.. i didn't just woke up at 7 oclock for this.. and yeah, there was another tube behind us so the actual way of letting us out to walk was not an option as the nice gentleman was insisting that "The train will depart shortly".

Ok, I reached my destination, no time to visit Saisburys though, and I arrived 10 minutes before the exam! that's good, 10minutes to relax and find myself a vending machine. but NOOOOO! There was NO vending machine for me, mainly because I was not allowed to actually enter the building. Passport was not allowed.. what was I thinking? people obey laws.. I should respect that.. but that is fine, I have 1ominutes to sort that out, aparently you just go to the reception and request a student card.

BUT.. the reception was actually like 15minutes away? (walk distance). And this is were all those summer spinning classes dominate.. 5minutes later I was in front of the secretary.. who actually wasn't the secretary but she was kind enough to tell me that although she never did it before she would try and produce a card.. And she manged to do that, 15minutes later, I had in my hands a "sample" student card.. my passport to the examination so then running again towards the examination.

I could feel the winter breeze through my face, the cold wind coming directly at me.. Wow.. i actually feet great, I believed all these jogging people around london were crazy but I actually understand why they jog.. is quite invigorating and awakening! So yeah.. I arrived in the exams.. and again.. no time for vending machines!

Well.. It wasn't such a bad day.. I mean.. it was my falt if you could think of.. My "want" was to exercise.. I might even "needed" it to be inspired enought.. and I guess my today's bad luck was just the "drive" towards all this.. Well, I know, I learned now.. Next examinations, I will wear my "asics" trainers, not some UGG style shoes.. get one of those watter bottle bags to carry them around in case that a little bid o running must occured.. and never ever leave the house without a student ID card!

Gotta run.. I have another 2 exam to catch, an assignment to finish.. and a "thank you" note to write to my spinning instructor!